Trump’s Decision Over Jerusalem Vanished

Trump's Decision Over Jerusalem Vanished

Trump’s Decision Over Jerusalem Vanished

US President Donald Trump announced on December 6 that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

Due to the controversy, a huge conflict erupted in Palestine.

The struggle erupted in western Asian countries such as Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia. Millions of people have engaged in the protest.

In this connection, the United Nations Security Council which has the world’s 15 strongest countries, gathered on December 19 to discuss the issue of Jerusalem.

In this meeting, Trump’s decision was disagreed by the countries and A single resolution filed that Trump’s decision must be withdrawn.

This decision was supported by the US’s closest allies countries such as Britain, France and Japan.

However, the United States rejected this decision by the ‘Veto’ power.

Following this, The General Assembly of UN held to discuss the Jerusalem issue. The vote was taken for that Trump has to withdraw his decision.

In the vote, 128 nations voted in favour of the UN’s decision. The United States, Israel, Honduras, Guatemala, Baluva, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Togo voted against this resolution. 35 countries have not voted.

This resolution was passed in the General Assembly.


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