Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’!!

Donald Trump's 'Fake News Awards'
Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’
The American President Trump doesn’t have a good relationship with media.

During the presidential election, Trump accused the media that they are discriminating the campaign.

Then onwards he started to use the word ‘fake news’.

In this situation, he has now issued a message in regard with fake news awards.

A list of Trump released on Twitter is also on the website of the Republican National Committee.

The ‘New York Times’ magazine is the top of the fake news award list.

When Trump won the presidential election, the magazine said that the US economy would never return. But Trump has indicated that it is a lie, and the American economy has fallen.

‘ABC News’ is in the second rank of the list.

Trump claims false that Trump has instructed the former National Security Advisor Michael Blin to be in contact with Russia during the presidential election.

It was later reported that the Journalist Brian Ross was suspended.

‘CNN’ is the third place.

CNN published, that Trumpet and his son, Donald Junior Trump have seen the Wikileaks documents stealthily before they were presented in public. Later the news was amended.

“Time” and “Washington Post” magazines were also awarded for fake news.

On 2 January Trump said, ” I will announce the awards for the media who have published worst news” and he released it.

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