Westerners accused of ‘singing and dancing pornographically’ in Cambodian Temple

Cambodia Police Arrested England Youngers Pornographically Behaved

(Cambodia Police Arrested England Youngers Pornographically Behaved)

Ten Westerners face up to a year in a Cambodian prison after being arrested Thursday near Angkor Wat and accused of pornography and human trafficking for “singing and dancing pornographically.”

The case represents the latest clash between young foreigners who say they were blindsided by morality police and Cambodian officials who have been cracking down in recent years on Westerners they say are failing to respect the country’s mores and sacred spaces.

Police arrived  and started rounding people up, one of the arrested people told the Telegraph. The people taken into custody said they didn’t understand what was going on.

Cambodian police attempted to clarify the matter by issuing a news release and posting photos on the department’s official website.

The photos show a group of people dressed but cavorting on the floor in what appear to be simulated sex acts. The authenticity of the photos could not be independently verified. Authorities did not give details about the released images, including when they were taken or who shot them.


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