Keralite wins 10 million Dirhams jackpot in Abu Dhabi

Keralite wins 10 million Dirhams jackpot

(Keralite wins 10 million Dirhams jackpot)

A Keralite Sunil Mappatta Krishnan Kutty Nair is working in UAE for few years.
A few days ago, he bought a gift ticket, together with his friends for 500 Dirhams (Indian rupees 8735) and the ticket had a prize of 10 million Dirhams ($2.7 million) in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

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Sunil Mappatta Krishnan Kutty Nair said, he will split the money with his three friends.

The earlier a Ticket Draw worth of 12 million Dirhams ($3.2 million) on January 7 was won by another Keralite .

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