Actress Rakul Preet Singh poses for glamour magazine Maxim

Actress Rakul Preet Singh Glamour Pose Maxim Release

(Actress Rakul Preet Singh Glamour Pose Maxim Release)

So far we have seen Rakul Preet Singh don various characters and look that vary from homely girl next door to urban yuppie.

However, this latest pose of her for a magazine is sure to shatter such preconceived notion of glamor from the actress.

Rakul Preet Singh who is soon going to be seen in a Bollywood movie Ayyari did a photo-shoot for the Maxim magazine.


It takes her sexy image to a new level in an outfit that reminds one of the Miss India competing days. However, that was before she was into movies and a known face. Check out the image above. Rakul Preet Singh is hoping to maintain a right balance between movies across industries keeping the sensibilities in mind, but when it comes to posing she seems to follow a bold approach.


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